Book Under Construction


Back a few weeks ago I was thinking: what if there was a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a book over and a rough but there was no book or even book in the making?  Then the book started writing itself.  Taking something of what I had, jettisoning much of it, walking, thinking, praying . . .   Well, there is a book of three or four chapters with many lining up in the wings.

What gives me pause today is all the ones who believed in this when I didn’t. ¬†Thank you.

Fighting up in the Hollow.

           So many things signify that the Headless One was road imagehere including this good look hoof print for The Horsemen football team but the more research I do, the more comfusion rears up.  Scholars and devotees argue which of at least three bridges is the one Ichabod flew over in fear of losing his life.  At least three sites are given for the schoolhouse where he taught though many say the real one is up in Kingston, NY.

         Some people maintain that the famous characters were based on real people.  Some say the Horseman himself is buried in the Old Church Burial Ground which is owned by the Dutch Reform Church.  At least no one claims Christopher Marlow or the Earl of Essex wrote the tale.   At least not yet.

As for yours truly, I am just trying to make headway though maybe I am in over my head.

A Writer’s Life

You have to worry about the dialogue.  Do the characters talk too much alike?   Does their conversation reveal their character?   You have to do the research.  Living in the town in which your book is set helps.image

In between redecorating the home, and playing with the cat, you have to do the work.


First sighting of pumpkins did me in.  Can it really be that time again?  first pumpkinsWhile on death row, Damien Echols, one of “The Memphis Tree,” was deeply moved by seeing IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN, CHARLIE BROWN!”  He says he has seen it every year but one even while in prison.  In talking about how the autumnal background colors almost made him breathless, on the verge of a seizure as he “could almost smell the crisp autumn air in the cell,” he seemed to be in touch with the sublime.  For many, Halloween will be as close as they come to the mystical, mysteries of life.   I’ll bet there isn’t a region in the world that can evoke the mysteries of pumpkin time as the Sleepy Hollow region.  No wonder we keep spinning out tales up in the hollow.

A Writer’s Life

So you wake up in the morning knowing you have lost weight and believing you will lose more.  After a light breakfast, you sit down to write as an aging woman but soon become Richard, the protagonist of the novel, a middle aged man who needs a life even more than you do.  He walks these streets and woods of the Sleepy Hollow region for you though later when you go out for your walk he will be at your side.