Fighting up in the Hollow.

           So many things signify that the Headless One was road imagehere including this good look hoof print for The Horsemen football team but the more research I do, the more comfusion rears up.  Scholars and devotees argue which of at least three bridges is the one Ichabod flew over in fear of losing his life.  At least three sites are given for the schoolhouse where he taught though many say the real one is up in Kingston, NY.

         Some people maintain that the famous characters were based on real people.  Some say the Horseman himself is buried in the Old Church Burial Ground which is owned by the Dutch Reform Church.  At least no one claims Christopher Marlow or the Earl of Essex wrote the tale.   At least not yet.

As for yours truly, I am just trying to make headway though maybe I am in over my head.

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