On the Headless Horseman’s Trail ( and I didn’t even know it)

imageimageWhen I first moved to Tarrytown I would go down the hill from my home on Hamilton Place, turn right on Broadway, take a coffee break at The Gourmet (now Mrs. Green’s), stop off at the Warner Library, walk along Route 9 to Beekman, beer Eastwood to Douglas Park (wooded area) then cut through broken fence to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery & Old Dutch Burial Ground and back again.

Recently I read a book about the facts behind The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Scholars have actually identified the flight of Ichabod Crane in a most ingenious way. They say that since the Landmark Condominium is on the site of Mott Tavern which resembled closely Irving’s description of the Van Tassel Farm, Hamilton & Broadwaybis Ichabod’s starting point.  His fear really kicks in at the site of Major Andre’s tree near the Warner Library.  He continues along the Turnpike Road which is now Route 9. Ichabod took the old route which veered East, now Weber Park near Douglas Park, making his way to the bridge over to safety And the Old Dutch Church and Burying Ground.  Location! Location! Location!

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