Getting Bolder

loch rannochA few months back I did not think I could really write the fictitious journal dated 1787-1790.  Reading old journals and letters from the period, especially those of George Washington, really helped me get going.  Sometimes I think the Journal of Enoch, which constitutes about a third of the book, is the best thing in it.  Now I want Enoch’s mother to be acquainted with one of the great, but little known, characters of history, Catherine Gordon of Gight, mother of Lord Byron, and Scottish laird in her own right, since her father had no sons.  Too bad her regret over the Bourbons losing their heads is dated too late for my story for we all know that up in Sleepy Hollow, heads will roll.

Enoch’s mother, who last visited with Mrs. Byron in London, loves to sit at the kitchen table in Tarrytown, sharing all the gossip from Britain, including John Byron’s affair with the married Baroness Conyers which made it into Town and Country.  To capture her friend’s voice, Hannah will engage in a mock Scottish accent which I will have to capture.   My own grandmother had one so thick I could hardly understand her.  I was her “wee gettle,” (girl) and I can still hear her across the decades though she died in 1977.   I am ready to try.


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