Will Ye No Come Back Again?

I am finishing up two books at one time.  Here is the ending of Iona, Isle of My Heart:

 You can only go so far.  No farther can you go.  I was called to bear of burdens in life, and, somehow, like the unexpected Scottish weather, I found Iona drifting away from me.  That stately, slow, but lowly ferry I watched countless times from my barnacled rock, disappeared from view.   One last time I watched it plow over to Fiohnnphort.  On its next crossing, it disappeared from view as I boarded it.

  All those in-between states, more luminal than Harry Lauder happily Roamin’ in the Gloamin,’ returned as we made our way back.  Back to Fiohnnphort, Ross of Mull, back by bus to Craignure, back to Mull on the Mull ferry, back to Oban, where the fishy God awaits.

The prophecy says at the end of the world Iona shall be as it was, that when Ireland and Islay go flooded under, the Isle of Iona shall rise above the waters.  We may not see the craft shops, the Martyr’s Bay Restaurant or the St. Columba Hotel, but over the soggy bog, the spirit that list where it will, will be.

The Scottish song poses a sweet question with much longing: ‘Will Ye No Come Back Again?’  I cannot answer that question.  I can only ask another.  Iona, if I cannot come back again, will you come to me? 


Excerpt from Chapter 7: The Manuscript Part 1

Catherine has the northern way of talking and the English do not think much of that. ¬†She is an aristocrat who looks like a peasant.” Nochi screwed up his little face into a knot.¬†

Paying him no mind, Mama continued.

“For Jack she sold her castle. ¬†There is yet another legend which foretold that the castle would soon pass from Lord Haddo’s hands: ‘At Gight three men a violent death shall dea. ¬†After that the land shall lie in lea.'”

“Did three men die Mama? Asked Nocho. Even Sister Margreet revealed a sense of wonder at this.

“Oh yes. ¬†Lord Haddo¬†himself fell from his horse cracking his head. ¬†Two servants died soon after.” ¬†Nochi started to tremble.

“Oh no, Nochi. ¬†You need not show any fear. ¬†We put reason over revelation. No legends exist about we Willems, just a prophecy that we will live happily after after in fair place called Tarrytown,” soothed Mama. ¬†Nochi and Margreet smiled.

Our blood is lower but purer than that of The farmer King George. ¬†NOw in Tarrytown, we do not put any stock in castles or titles, but Catherine can trace her line descent from Lord of Huntley and King James the First of Scotland; they call her the ‘Honorable Kitty’ and she is a friend of mine.”

“A fair place called Tarrytown, Mother? ¬†‘Tarwa Dorp.’ ¬†Wheat town. ¬†This is just a little wheat town where we have tarried too long. ¬†Take my meaning as you will,” I remarked. ¬†Mama is never so proud as when she claims to put no stock in titles.

Margret looked hurt  and surprised that I would speak to mother like that especially after all that talk of her friend from Britian had made her feel so lovely.

Do legends really one true, Mama? ¬†Is that why The Honorable Kitty lost her castle. ¬†Oh what a shame to have a castle and then lose it.”

“It is not so much the legend as her husband. ¬†If she comes to America with her husband Jack, he will make nothing of himself and nothing of what she may have left,” Margreet, who is usually a sphinx, enlightened us.






Quoting Song Lyrics

I want my character, Richard Post, to loosen when he is alone in a wooded area.  RIchard sings.  Enthralled by nature, he offers, “You fill up my senses . . .”

Even one line, they say, requires copyright permission.  Uh oh. 



I am getting close to publishing two books on Amazon.  I am dedicating the first one. We Killed Ichabod to Washington Irving because he’s the one who got me into this.

The second one, Iona, Isle of My Heart, I am dedicating to my son Malcolm for walking those sands with me, splashing in those cold, Scottish waves, and attending those amazing evening services with me. 


What’s with these Trump novels in NY Times?

Novelists always add a note stating that characters and events are fictional to avoid lawsuits and hurt feelings.  Sunday NY Times presents an excerpt from a novel about Trump and family using their names, personal details, and current events.  Even the kid Barron, appears. Melanie and Ivanka are at war.  Some will say, Duh?

They are promising a second one with a different author. I don’t get it. 


Finishing off Two Books

I expect to have We KILLED ICHABOD and IONA, ISLE OF MY HEART on Amazon in about 5 weeks.  Many decisions, last minute additions and edits going on now.

For example, at the end of the first chapter, Another Day, Another Debt, should the main character Richard’s thoughts be, That my own day of reckoning might soon be at hand, hadn’t occurred to me,” or “It hadn’t occurred to me that my own day of reckoning was¬†coming.” ¬†I’m going with the simpler one.

As for the Iona book, which contains crayon drawings, do I include place names in Gaelic and English.   Cnoc Mor РBig Hill, Sithean РFairy Mound?  Other writers do but will it come off as pretentious in a book featuring crayon drawings?

It will be time to let go. ¬†The books won’t be good enough. ¬†They will never be good enough. ¬†They will go out as they are, as good as they can be.