Excerpt from Iona, Isle of my Heart

This is something you do not forget.  This is something you seek out again and again.  There are grander places where God may be sought, soaring steeples, cathedral space filled with divine music and unearthly light, canyons that split the earth down to its core, painted ceilings where God creates all.  It is easy at times to find him in the presence of the faithful, especially in the unheated, holy structures where they worship in threadbare clothes.   Iona, too has its faithful though they often come from all over the world.

On Iona, God walks the waves.¬† He leaves footprints in the sand.¬† He cries out from screaming gulls circling above.¬† His breath is carried on the wind.¬†¬† He is that close.¬†¬† When God is absent, I know that like, “the bay that turns its back on Ireland, that I am the one whose back is turned.¬† There is no place where he is not.¬† There is only our lack of sight.

For, all my faltering in darkness, I never really lose the light.  A friend told me to carry these days of summer on Iona inIMG_6085to the long winter nights.  I think of Iona, but not often enough.  Sometimes, just when I am about to fall asleep, I think of the holy island, and wonder what time it is on Iona.  It is always four a.m.

Excerpt from We Killed Ichabod

Richard is about to settle in for the night in his apartment near the Flat Iron district in New York City.

The Headless Horseman truly was pursuing me because there on the screen was that dense, blond girl from the Most Haunted show, the one with the sloping, blobby eyes.  She was planted in front of a large, dark orange statue of the Horseman up near Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  I had missed that one.  What was it made pf?  It looked like pumpkin rind or guts.

It was amazing.¬† Here were the British up in enemy territory .¬† Obviously they were there to investigate a haunting.¬†¬†¬† Maybe the ghost of that traitor, Major Andre, who along with his¬†cohort, Benedict Arnold was¬† plotting to steal the plans of West Point, would rise up from¬†his grave and scare them back over the ocean.¬† This was rich.¬† This was worth a laugh.¬† Grab a beer and some chips, Chester.¬† We’re in for a hoot.

Then I felt a pang of jealousy.¬† If anyone was going to sniff out something supernatural up there in the hollow, I wanted it to be me.¬† Ok, cat.¬† I’m losing it.¬†¬† I had to laugh at myself.IMG_4830