LB and dogNew Book: Novelization of major Byron poem, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Childe Harold begins with a poem dedicated to a woman he calls Ianthe who has been identified as Lady Jane Harley.

I am thinking the novel which is set in 2017 should begin with song lyrics.

Need a woman’s name and lyrics which loosely or creatively follow To Inez

And, of course, he will need a dog with a Shakespearean name.

New Book

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Having finish a young adult novel which will later need revisions, I am ready to begin a new book.  I have two ideas going, a fictionalized life of Lord Byron and a modernized novelization of Byron’s breakthrough, bestselling poem Childe Harold.  The latter would be entitled Harry Childers


It Hurts


I am writing the last chapter of a young adult novel entitled A Harrowing in Sleepy Hollow.  After the Halloween hayride takes it final run, the young protagonist, Jake Slade, will keep his head but have his face and hands badly burned.

I never become attached to the characters I create until chapter three or so. Then they embed themselves in my ❤️.

This hurts.


There is the possibility of a contract but if that doesn’t work out look for it on Amazon in late summer along with We Killed Ichabod.