FORNICATING FROGS: Writing to the Video

I set my stories in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow because the ground rises up to meet and inspire me. It literally informs my tales but for Harry Childers I am writing to the video. I am reading some books on Sintra, the first impressive site on the model, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, but starting watching two YouTube videos.
In one, two young Englishmen take on Sintra. Before climbing to the top of the fairytale castle, Pena Palace, they stop to photograph some fornicating frogs ina grotto.
How could Byron who sexuality was turned on by his Scottish nurse at a very early age resist this?

Writing in Place

My stories draw upon our legendary Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow but I took off on Amtrak to visit Niagara Falls and found myself writing to the rhythm of the rails. This was a unique experience.

It will play into Blooded In Sleepy Hollow when Kick, the mother of the missing child, goes to Pawling to be alone in a cabin near Green Mountain Lake. Crosby, who is Sweetie in the book, stayed home.

The Writing Life

This morning brought conversations on Facebook about hybrid vanity press company Austen McCauley. They get a bad press so there is nothing for them to be vain about, but I wanted the respondent to be real. Some authors were arguing pro Amazon and other pro Austen McCauley.

I asked the company's rep, why do you send fat contracts from London to Tarrytown, NY, when you have a New York office? The thread ended but I trust they will be back. Authors feel ensnared I argued. Be upfront. We'll see.

Being Kick Groves

I arrived by train in Pawling this
Monday for an annual pilgrimage.
I often think of coming back in fall and sometimes do. So I got off the train as Jeannie Michael and started to note any changes made in the town over the year.

Then it hits me I have come with a new purpose. My fictional protagonist, Kick Groves, will come here for a personal retreat after her child goes missing. I started seeing it through Kick's eyes.

She is Catholic, has her cheerleader figure at age 36, ponytail and works at home for a language school. She remembers, previous visits of course, and takes refuge in St. John's Church. The door is blessedly unlocked. Two elderly people are praying, one at the front, the other at the back.

Kick prays, heads out into the sunshine where she wants the large statue of Mary to come to life to hold her in her arms.