Final Frontiers

Okay, it’s.dramatic to say, “final frontiers,” but less so than “final frontier.” I know what the FINAL FRONTIER is: to be so unattached to this world that you can transmission to the next.

My education frontier was middling – BA, plus 30 graduate credits. Then came a Masters in special education and a license to teach braille. I was about 35 then.

An interest in English Lit led to a Ph.D. at 47. I’ll give myself an A+.

I didn’t get to Europe until 40, but I was blessed enough to see much of Italy, Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Czech Republic. Adoption brought me to Siberia, and the pressure of imminent parenthood sent me off to Israel for Christmas week. I’ll take another A+ for I saw what I wanted to see and then some.

My adventures in real estate faltered making me grateful for what I have: a co-op with a seasonal view of the Hudson and Tappan Zee Bridge in Tarrytown. Should I settle for a B?

Writing novels is not a frontier. It’s just a ongoing fulfilling process.

Spa new frontier seems serious exercise. Bought a Nordic bike and streaming program to push myself forward and an upper/lower body exercise machine from Hammacher Schlemmer. Since I have some weights and a weight bar, I think I’m ready to go. It’s going to be a slow, slow start but I don’t ask where I will finish. God knows.