Must the Hero Be Tall, Youngish and White?

Mad magazine made fun years ago of the original Hawaii Five-O by presenting Jack Lord as a handsome, towering white man who was out to save the tiny, misguided islanders who were either criminals or crime victims.

Syberia 3, a weak sequel to the superb Syberia I, and the satisfying Syberia 2, has tall, caucasian, NY lawyer trying to save the very short, crude looking Yukal tribe from mad Russian doctors and environmental threats such as rivers that don’t freeze. It is nice to see a more realistically drawn Kate Walker.

I should know better but when I needed a chapter or round for Kick Groves before I insert the second book club chapter, I started with a scene of wife and husband in bed looking back to when they wanted a son, then moved to morning when their daughter Kelley wakes up screaming from a nightmare to a knock on the door after Kendall has gone to work. An Hispanic babysitter has locked herself out of the house across the street with the baby inside. Kick runs over, calms the woman down, then, being the athlete she is, climbs from tool shed to garage to open bedroom window while the babysitter is having an asthma attack. Kick then speculates about how she climbed in a window, brought a baby downstairs and to the front door to let the sitter back in and no neighbors knew what was up though it was the middle of the day.

It is based on a real event.✅

It presents action just when it is needed.✅

It depends Kick’s character showing how she can think of other’s though her son is missing.✅

It offers speculation about how Mattie might have been taken.✅

Yet, I am very unhappy to have present Kick as a tall, white savior. It could have been worse. Husband Kendall could have rushed in to save them all.