Bull 2

Problems at the hotel in Zaragoza.
Cam falls for an English girl at the Goya Museum but returns to the hotel only to find Harry involved with the matador's

First draft

Kelley’s page

Blooded in Sleepy Hollow is told in a series of rounds wherein the father, mother, detective and little sister tell the tale. Here is a page from Kelley's chapter. The drawings are by Poppy who is helping to illustrate the story.


Byron put bullfights in his writing long before Papa Hemingway so for Harry Childers I studied bullfighting. In the first book I got the author described the matador as being more handsome than he had a right to be. I heard my son's voice snickering in my head, oh sure he is. Then his name rang a bell from my days of reading Hello magazine. I looked him up. It's true. He married into the Royal family of Spain.

His father, "Paquirri," died fighting a bull in 1984, but the son, Fran, (Francisco Rivera Ordonez) took his baby out with him when he tormented the bull. When he was criticized, other matadors took their kids into the ring. I am amazed. Truth is stranger than fiction. I won't be this but soon I will post what I made of bullfighting for Harry's sake.


If I can't get funding to pay artists for illustrations, and if my own talents can't get the job done, I could go for computerized images of the kid and others. Since Harry's songs substitute for Byron's poetry, and since both are fallen angels, this might mean having the kid don angel wings. Byron was a fallen angel long before Bansky came along.
Halloween is coming. This might come off. Hmm. I will have to compensate him.

FORNICATING FROGS: Writing to the Video

I set my stories in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow because the ground rises up to meet and inspire me. It literally informs my tales but for Harry Childers I am writing to the video. I am reading some books on Sintra, the first impressive site on the model, Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, but starting watching two YouTube videos.
In one, two young Englishmen take on Sintra. Before climbing to the top of the fairytale castle, Pena Palace, they stop to photograph some fornicating frogs ina grotto.
How could Byron who sexuality was turned on by his Scottish nurse at a very early age resist this?