New Book

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Having finish a young adult novel which will later need revisions, I am ready to begin a new book.  I have two ideas going, a fictionalized life of Lord Byron and a modernized novelization of Byron’s breakthrough, bestselling poem Childe Harold.  The latter would be entitled Harry Childers


It Hurts


I am writing the last chapter of a young adult novel entitled A Harrowing in Sleepy Hollow.  After the Halloween hayride takes it final run, the young protagonist, Jake Slade, will keep his head but have his face and hands badly burned.

I never become attached to the characters I create until chapter three or so. Then they embed themselves in my ❤️.

This hurts.


There is the possibility of a contract but if that doesn’t work out look for it on Amazon in late summer along with We Killed Ichabod. 


In finalizing this novel, We Killed Ichabod, I need to stay glued to my laptop.  Since the book has Sleepy hollow Boy pranks in it, some wag played a joke on me.  Doorbell rang as if the visitor from hell was at the door.

I will take my inspiration from wherever and whomever I can!


IMG_0599.JPGI began this book when eight years ago when Barrack Obama won the election and my son was twelve.  We would walk together in the Sleepy Hollow woods making up tales.

After many revisions the book morphed into a new book.  IT took on a new life.  Now, at long last, I am finished writing it.

I dedicate We Killed Ichabod to “Washington Irving who put our town on the map and to my son Malcolm who walked these woods with me.”