Pivotal Moments

A Pivotal moments in We Killed Ichabod:

Eccentric bill collector Richard Post has returned to his studio apartment near the Flat Iron Building. He takes up the antique journal he purchased up in Tarrytown to continue reading the story of Damen Willem, a guilt-ridden young man who lived in the Sleepy Hollow region during post colonial days.

Was it only two weeks ago that I was proud to be a Sleepy Hollow boy? Given a dare we would do anything. There was Abraham, Hobnail, Caleb and me. We thought that since we would soon have to put away our childish things, we should whoop it up now. Until that night when we went too far, it was silly prank after prank. We only stopped when there was work to be done. We just wanted to have fun. Only Abraham had more stake it than a laugh, but we rode out down the post raid to scare a man to death. It was a bargain made with the devil and we got
more than I can bear. Wrangle it about in my mind as I may, relentlessly the thought comes back to me that in our harum-scaring ride, We Killed Ichabod.

Richard is so astounded to glean who the people in the journal are, that he shouts “We Killed Ichabod,” causing the red, lame, tabby cat, Chester, to fly out of the covers and up into the air.

Hayride Tonight in Sleepy Hollow

When my kid was ten we waited for the Headless Horseman to ride up to the fence at Phillipsburg Manor. He pulled up around 7:15 and pointed straight at Malcolm’s handsome blond head. Then he shifted his shoulders and waved a firm no. He did not want Malcolm’s head.

The minister who was lead on the fence said, “I told you to study hard and get smarter. The Horseman doesn’t want your head.”

“Aw, he’s just horsing around,” said Malcolm.

Starts out factual then goes off in imagination .

Writing a Book

Writing a book is a rewarding and often not unpleasant experience even when the research leads you to a place you don't want to go. For modern telling of Canto I of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage I got books on bullfighting and discovered Fran Rivera Ordonez who father 'Paquirri'
was famously killed by a bull.

He fits the need for a torero whose looks rival Byron's (aka Harry) and his life is larger than life. He married into the Spanish royal family but later got divorced and remarried. Last year he took his beautiful baby daughter out to meet the bull and an avalanche of criticism fell upon him. Byron too was criticized for treatment of his gorgeous little girl Allegra, not to be confused with Ada

Lovelace, Byron's legitimate daughter who programmed the first computer.u

A Stunningly Handsome Man

Harry Childers:
A Modern Retelling of Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

When Cam remarks that the bull fighter in Zagroza is “a stunningly handsome manHarry feel insecure I didn’t think I would easily find one who rivals Harry/Byron’s “great good looks.” Then Ordonez appears. These photos are from the Facebook page which honors him.

Bull 2

Problems at the hotel in Zaragoza.
Cam falls for an English girl at the Goya Museum but returns to the hotel only to find Harry involved with the matador's

First draft

Kelley’s page

Blooded in Sleepy Hollow is told in a series of rounds wherein the father, mother, detective and little sister tell the tale. Here is a page from Kelley's chapter. The drawings are by Poppy who is helping to illustrate the story.